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Let's make the world a better place!

We are committed to environmental protection and we support social engagement.

Climate protection ensures our future

Since November 2021, we have been donating the symbolic contribution of one euro per ticket to the non-profit climate protection organization atmosfair.

atmosfair offers airline passengers the opportunity to offset the CO2 generated by their flights or its harmful effects on the climate. In 2021, atmosfair and several partners built the first plant worldwide to produce "fairfuel", a synthetic, CO2-neutral fuel for commercial aviation, from water, CO2 and renewable electricity. The Lufthansa Group is a partner in this pioneering project and will purchase the fairfuel produced over the next five years.

With our donation, we support atmosfair's climate protection package, in which approx. 65% of the amount goes to the development of fairfuel, 25% supports projects that promote the use of renewable energies in Africa, and the remaining 10% is invested in climate education.

Commitment to climate protection is a matter close to our hearts. Rainer Klee, founder and CEO of AERTiCKET, describes it like this: "We are all facing the urgent task of stopping climate change. Without sustainable management, no tourism company will survive in the long run. This one-euro climate protection contribution is a first step for us. One euro per ticket is basically just a symbolic amount. However, as an airline ticket wholesaler, we issue several thousand tickets every day, which adds up to a considerable monthly sum that we can pass on to atmosfair.


Protecting children in travel destinations

For us, future-oriented corporate strategy is more than the pursuit of strictly economic interests. We want to take responsibility within the scope of our possibilities. And we want to make our own contribution to improving or preventing grievances. 

As a company in the travel industry, we feel a particular responsibility toward people living in tourist destinations. Regions like Southeast Asia and Latin America are very popular destinations because of the beauty and diversity of their nature and culture. Sadly, there are people who travel to these countries not for the scenic beauty, but who take advantage of the economic misery of the people living there in unsavory ways. Sadly, therefore, as the number of trips increases, so does the risk of children becoming victims of sexual violence by tourists. We don't accept that people suffer because of the beauty of their homeland.

We have been supporting the humanitarian children's organization terre des hommes for many years. In 2007, together with our business partners, AER Kooperation and Titanic Reisen, we launched the Protect Children in Travel Destinations project. The aim of this project is to actively combat sexual violence against children in tourist regions.

Thanks to this direct cooperation with terre des hommes, it is possible for us to support aid projects on a sustainable basis and for several years.

We have been supporting a project in El Salvador and two more in Colombia for years. All three projects have the declared goal to improve the situation of endangered and affected children and teenagers in the long term through education.  

We would like to present one of these projects to you in detail: Encouraging a culture of peace in Buenaventura (Colombia).

Our employees, our founder and CEO, and our company donated a total of 200,000 euros to terre des hommes in 2022.