About us / Our AERKANTiNA: Good Food, good Mood.

Good food, good mood


Canteen re-thought

Delicious food puts people in a good mood. Sharing a good meal brings people closer together.

That's why we offer a free lunch menu for all our colleagues in our own "AERKANTINA" at our Berlin headquarters.

Fresh food is prepared there every day. We prefer to use regional, seasonal ingredients. This not only makes economic sense, it tastes better and, above all, is more sustainable.

In addition to a rich salad buffet, two main dishes are always offered, at least one of which is vegetarian.

At all locations, organic coffee, a variety of tea(s) and fresh fruit are available all day long and also free of charge.

And in each of our chic tea kitchens in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the excellent Berlin drinking water can be tapped from a water dispenser, either still, medium or sparkling.